Potential Is Everywhere. opportunity is not.

Unleashing Students’ Potential

As a 1Million Project high school, you’re helping close America’s Homework Gap – and our nation's opportunity gap.

By participating in the 1Million Project, you’re giving your students a tool that has the potential to help them grow, achieve and excel in today’s digital learning environment. And as you know better than most, this preparation is essential as we face a dynamic and challenging future work environment.

The demand from high schools to participate in our program has been tremendous. We currently have more than 225,000 students in 181 school districts across 33 states participating in our program.

How to Apply

We are now accepting applications for Year 3, which begins with the 2019-20 school year. Please  to apply.

We do not have an application deadline. Applications will be considered on a first come first served basis and, dependent upon receipt date, may be considered for the 2020-21 school year. We will send a notification regarding program acceptance within 30 business days following the receipt of a fully completed application and certificate of understanding.

Applications MUST be submitted by a high school or school district. Applications submitted by individual students or parents will not be accepted.

You can also contact if you have any questions about the application process.

College Board Collaboration

We are excited to collaborate with College Board to help encourage and incentivize participating districts’ students to use their 1Million Project mobile Internet accessand free device to study for the SAT with Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. Created by Khan Academy and the makers of the SAT, Official SAT Practice is free and personalized for all students with thousands of practice questions, video lessons, quizzes, and full-length practice tests.

Participating 1Million Project students will be rewarded with additional high-speed data when they practice for the SAT for the recommended number of hours. Pilot districts may include Chicago Public Schools, Oklahoma City Public Schools and San Antonio ISD.

1Million Project districts can apply here.

“We're trying to turn our kids into 21st century learners but many of our students don’t have access to 21st century devices when they leave school. The 1Million Project solves this for us. Plus, it will allow for equity to be at the forefront of education for KCPS students. When students are given the tools to learn in an equitable manner—they are more likely to succeed.”

Dr. Mark Bedell, Superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools, Kansas City, Missouri

Reflections from School Administrators

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[1] The 1Million Project Foundation is a public charity with 501(c)(3) status. Federal Tax ID 82-2640564. Cash donations to the 1Million Project Foundation are tax deductible.