Potential Is Everywhere. opportunity is not.

we see your potential

We see your full potential.
Do you?

The key to success in life isn’t just working hard and being persistent, it’s also about recognizing and seizing rare opportunities. The 1Million Project is one such opportunity.

This is more than simply a chance to do your homework in a safe, quiet space. This is an opportunity to arrest your future - to research, explore, create and imagine. Your device and your connectivity enables you to communicate with your teachers online, research college possibilities and think big about your future.

The 1Million Project will help you to chase your dreams by eliminating the frustrating, time-consuming search for Internet access outside of school. We’re supporting you by giving you one important tool for your success – now it’s up to you to do the hard work necessary to achieve success, as defined by you.

Earn More High Speed Data (and Improve Your College Choices) by Studying for the SAT

If you're a 1Million Project high school student in Chicago Public Schools, Oklahoma City Public Schools or San Antonio ISD, we want to reward you with more wireless data for practicing for the SAT. Sign-up (for free) at Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy, set your practice schedule, link your College Board and Khan Academy accounts, and start earning your free data. Specific details on how to claim your free data will be provided by your school. By putting in some hard work and practice, you can improve your SAT scores and feel more prepared for college.

what our fellow students say

More than 113,000 high school students  participated in the 1Million Project program during the 2017-18 school year. Students who responded to our survey had this to say about the program’s impact:

Addressing the Homework Gap

We believe the devices and Internet access provided by the 1Million Project can have a transformational impact on your life. In addition, however, we are working to create partnerships with other impactful organizations whose products and services can further elevate the transformational impact of the 1Million Project. Stay tuned for more information about these partnerships and opportunities.

[1] The 1Million Project Foundation is a public charity with 501(c)(3) status. Federal Tax ID 82-2640564. Cash donations to the 1Million Project Foundation are tax deductible.